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Why should chiropractors provide drug and alcohol testing services?

Produce a new revenue stream for your practice.

Drug and alcohol testing provides your office with an entirely new revenue stream. These highly profitable services take little time and can add significantly to your practice's profitability. In a 2005 report for the American Trucking Associations prepared by Global Insight, Inc., the American Truck Driving Force is estimated at over 3 million drivers. All of these drivers belong to a random testing pool which requires that 25% of the workforce be randomly tested quarterly for drugs and 15% be randomly tested for alcohol. In addition, all new hires must also be tested as well as drivers who are reasonably suspected of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol and after an accident. And this is only the truck drivers regulated under DOT. It does not include the federal contractors, merchant mariners, employees covered under the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and all the non-DOT regulated employees whose employers perform drug and alcohol testing. And best of all, we will train and certify you as an instructor so that you can train your staff to do the actual services freeing your valuable time to treat patients. These are cash services. There is no insurance billing and you are paid rapidly without having to take a discount on your fee.

Bring new people into your practice.

What is the one thing every practice can use? New patients! By performing DOT Physicals, Post-Offer Physicals, and DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing you will have a large number of people who might never have otherwise gone to a chiropractor's office coming to yours. We all know that chiropractors treat a small percentage of the population who can benefit from our services. These services provide you with the opportunity to introduce chiropractic to a large audience which may not have otherwise ever learn about chiropractic. If they later suffer an injury, or decide to avail themselves to the benefits of chiropractic, they will already have established a relationship with your office and will be comfortable in choosing you for their treatment.

Develop an intimate working relationship with local employers.

When you perform drug and alcohol testing services, and DOT and post-offer physicals, you develop an intimate working relationship with the HR and safety personnel of larger companies and the owners of smaller companies. This close working relationship can pay dividends for your practice when an employer has an injured employee. Many companies see the wisdom of using a one-stop-shop for their occupational health services. This often results in your office becoming the first stop for their work injured employees; most of whom will stay with you for treatment. Additionally, Most companies will welcome you to come in and help train their employees at their safety meetings. Becoming the local expert on DOT and drug and alcohol testing services dramatically increases your local reputation and prestige.

Increase and improve your "Brand" recognition.

What do we mean by increasing your "Brand" recognition. When people and employers in your community think of drug or alcohol testing, they will think of your office. When they think of chiropractic they will think of your office. This is in part due to the fact that many of them will have been to your office. But, it is also because they will be surprised that a chiropractor is providing those services. This almost always initiates a conversation. Whether they like drug and alcohol testing or not, there is always discussion about the fact that a chiropractor is doing it. This shows the community that yours is an office that changes with the times and is modern and current. It helps to debunk the myth that all chiropractors do is "crack backs." Expanding the services you offer increases the public awareness and positive perception of practice.