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About Professional Training Solutions

Professional Training Solutions, Inc. was founded to provide a link between educational institutions, businesses, employers, and employees.  Our mission is to provide a high quality interactive educational or training program that meets the specific needs of our students and clients.

We  provide specialized training programs that allow companies and individual to achieve their training goals. 

Our training programs are customized and comprehensive.  We provide training that meets all your training goals.  Whether you are an employer who wants to ensure that your employees are fully trained in all aspects of the company policies, their jobs, or their benefit packages, or a doctor looking for complete and comprehensive training programs, we strive to fulfill all your training needs.

Our training provides accurate accountability.  The exact time spent on a training program is captured.  This allows employers to assure their employees have actually spent the required time training.  Our customized testing also allows employers to document that their employees are fully and completely aware of all company policies.  This can be an important consideration should disciplinary action based on those policies become necessary in the future.

If your company employees temporary employees from abroad, PTS training programs can provide you with one method of determining their English language skills before they arrive.  This will not only give you some idea of how well they will interact with other employees and customers, but it will also allow you to plan the time that will be necessary for their on-site training once they arrive at your company location.

We strive to increase our training options for our clients.  If there is a specific training program you would like to have developed for your company,

 Please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.